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Shadow Of The Colossus Full Version [REPACK/iso]

Description :
With what has been uncovered in recent times, there probably will be The Last Guardian is one of the innovative games and most sophisticated on the system console.Xuat its debut at E3 in 2009, originally the project Last Guardian which did not receive much attention from the public. However, after interviews with the project leader? Fumito Ueda, who was behind the success of the Shadow of the Colossus statue? people began to realize the profound value within this game.
The success of that game Shadow of the Colossus won in the past has led Team Ico studio became one of the most potential of the gaming industry. The idea of ​​disruptive innovation is the key to success in their products.
The plot of the game revolves around the story of friendship between a boy without a name and Trico, a huge beast with wings. In particular, the main focus of The Last Guardian will be rotated around the fictional character specific special nay.Duoc, Trico has been built from the details of many different animals. However, the development team has succeeded in combining them into an overall system that nhat.Nho, Trico will bring more of those cute pets and some other wildlife.
Fumito Ueda said, Trico will not only be a cute pet that will be really important role in the game. The game's AI system will coddle a Trico know? Brutal?, Notes will also never sit still or be easily dictate. Players will have to be very tricky to control Trico during play.
The Last Guardian will have a graphics engine is extremely powerful. In a recent interview, said Fumito Euda the game graphics will be built entirely based on the physics engine. Euda confirmed, within the limits of the physical mechanism of the game, the effect of wind will not only worked on one array, which will be exerted on each feather of the great beast Trico.
For example the power of the graphics engine is being developed, he pointed out, the stronger the Trico bobbing barrels in the trailer of the game, totally not a built-in clips that are rendered from the engine physics of the game.
As if to confirm the graphics power of The Last Guardian, president of Sony?? Shuhei Yoshida was very angry because even though the information had been blown out of the game too soon, not before? Revealed? that the trailer The Last Guardian is purely in-game scenes rather than a CG.Neu indeed the same as what Shuhei Yoshida and Mr. Ueda said, it probably will be The Last Guardian is one of the game the most detailed graphics in the next year.
According to Ueda, The Last Guardian is not a complete game normally, what Team Ico Ueda and his team aims to create a story is great and touching true of it that will be demonstrated image and sound not need words or words.
Anyone who is not amazed at the grandeur, or trembling in front of a background music in the Shadow of the Colossus would not want to say what words Ueda down. With what has been demonstrated recently, The Last Guardian promises to become one of the biggest game of 2010.

Minimum System Requirements
  • Operating system: XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: Core Duo E6600 or Phenom X3 8750
  • RAM: 2000 MB
  • Free hard disk space: 4,507 MB
  • Video card: GeForce 8600GT or Radeon X1950 Pro, (256 MB), support for Shader 3.0
  • File system: NTFS

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